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The Canadian country artist’s passion for music was first ignited inside her mother’s step dance studio. She performed for the first time in public at age two and, moved by the rhythm and energy of traditional folk music, she picked up the fiddle at four. She soon added guitar, piano and mandolin to her repertoire as she improved her technique and musicianship through formal lessons and youth ensembles. Her world was opened up to country and the craft of singing as she learned about the textures the instruments she was playing added to the genre and began to look up to Canadian country vocalists like Shania Twain who were able to conjure up familiar, relatable feelings through their songs. Delaney was constantly experimenting with singing and songwriting, composing poems and lyrics about her experiences and piecing together delicate melodies. But she fully discovered her talent at 14 when her family lost their home to a fire, and she began to write music to help process the loss, triumph over adversity and rediscover joy.

Delaney took the last few years after her previous releases, to really craft her songwriting and artist branding. She has been working with writers and producers in Nashville and Ontario. Thanks to FACTOR Canada, Delaney was finally able to record her debut album “After The Fire”, available now. Delaney Grant will be releasing her new 2 track single, "What Made Me" May 28th, 2021!

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